! – We just added a FREE SEO Analyzer Tool!!  We are very pleased to announce that our SEO Analyzer Tool is FREE!  We found a very solid little SEO Program and made it available to everybody.  It is a program that a set of programmers made and have put through a whole gamut of testing.  We have the license to offer it to you for FREE and hope that you enjoy it.  We have it hosted on our server and it uses a Google API to do some Off-Page testing, but mainly it is an On-Page SEO Analyzer.  On-Page elements are the easiest things for you to control.  Hopefully this helps you with whatever project you are working on.  Please make sure if you need a new WordPress to purchase one from us.  We give you a WordPress Install as a part of the $5 Monthly Upgrade to  Just read the instructions on our HomePage and we will have your WordPress setup within 24-48 hours.  We are working on an automatic WordPress setup utility, and hopefully will have that completed within a few months, but until then, we promise to have your WordPress Installation functional within 48 hours!

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