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Hello,  James here with  I have this micro WordPress hosting business to help other business people to put together mainly a second website to showcase their writing.  I am an advocate of simple WordPress sites used to put together more of an anecdotal presentation of what we as people do either professionally or as an avocation.  Most everybody in business has an e-commerce type of website or another, but not everybody takes the time to develop their writing and that is what I want to encourage you to do.

I decided to include a WordPress as a part of my $5 Monthly Upgraded Software Subscription for my software business a little over a year ago, and I have greatly enjoyed helping people embrace writing as an ongoing activity.  It isn’t that we need to pursue any one writing style or any one set of topics per se, but more that we simply need to write what we are thinking so that we can display it out to our group of people who are on our social media etc.

WordPress is a really cool platform for displaying writing and different visual business messages because it was intended to showcase writing.  It has developed over the years to include so many different themes and plugins that you can really add in any type of element you want to once you decide to.  It is probably the most flexible website system anybody has created.  It is also very easy to present page links visually out onto social media using the YOAST plugin the way I do on my pages.  You can designate what Facebook or Twitter or other social media pick up as the title to a page or the synopsis of a page or the image that populates once you post your link.

There really are endless topics for you to explore as a writer and you will probably be pleasantly surprised at the responses you garner by sharing your writing on your social media.  

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