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VPN’s are pretty cool. I have gotten into studying about them because of DocupletionForms and putting together our integrations that pass bits of data between reputable programs that you choose to send data to if you like. There are different philosophies about what an ip address is and there have been different law cases and we have begun to see a whole set of affiliate programs pop up since the advent of GDPR, so it is a good thing to read about.

Checkout this cool little article by Authority Hacker about a whole set of VPN Affiliate Programs that you can signup for to promote as an affiliate.

You can also signup for my same AffiliateFix Forum where we talk about the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing.  I am on there promoting the Apex Law Service Affiliate Marketing Partner Program.


James F. Polk, Trustee of Centinel Trust

P.S. This is a link to a skeleton outline of the cases that went into the Amici Curiae Brief entered into the Ulbricht Dread Pirate Roberts/Silk Road Case.  It is a very interesting jumping off point into the concepts behind internet security and ip address trap and trace issues.

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