Let 5dollar.site host your BLAWG!

Not every Affiliate and Associate Law Industry Business in the world allows people to link out directly to their program from a BLAWG (Law Blog), but Apex Law Service DOES!  You can host your simple WordPress BLAWG on 5dollar.site, start writing about your chosen set of Law Blog Topics and then Link out Directly to your Apex Law Service Affiliate Link.  Apex Law Service will also give you a custom www.ApexLawService.com/YourApprovedName URL upon approval so that you can have a clean look on your page when you want to mention the resource inside of your writing.  Checkout www.Affiliate.ApexLawService.com to signup, but to spoil it, Apex Law Service pays $100-$300/Paying Client and is very open to BLAWGERS!  You can also checkout Apex’s Affiliate Program on www.affpaying.com/apexlawservice and leave a review.

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