We give you a C-Panel and a 50GB WordPress Install just for signing up for a $5 Monthly Subscription to our Contact Form Program DocupletionForms.com.

  1. Signup for a $5 DocupletionForms.com subscription.
  2. Purchase a Domain Name somewhere on the internet.
  3. Set your Nameservers to ns1.jamespolk.net & ns2.jamespolk.net.
  4. If your Name Registrar asks for the ip addresses of the above Nameservers they are respectively &
  5. Fill out the form below with the required information.  All information is required.
  6. You must reply to the confirmation email sent when you submit the form below.
  7. The email entered must match our records for a $5 Monthly DocupletionForms.com Subscription.  
  8. We will email you the C-Panel URL, Login & Password along with the WordPress URL, Login & Password.
  9. You may setup Databases on your C-Panel.  We will leave a saveToDB.php file in the Public HTML Folder that can be used for Webhooking from DocupletionForms.com Forms!

Regards, James F. Polk – Founder of DocupletionForms.com


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